Rejuvenating Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Downtown Glendale

At the dental office of John S. Asano, DDS, we are a dedicated team providing cosmetic services to leave you with a smile you can flash with the utmost confidence. Our skilled cosmetic dentists will utilize advanced technology and years of experience to reinvigorate your smile from an aesthetic and functional standpoint.

Our practice is equipped with modern dental tools used by our experienced team to yield effective and personalized results. We are great listeners who work to understand your dental goals and wishes before recommending our quality enhancements and solutions. Whether you're interested in teeth whitening trays or natural-looking veneers, we have the knowledge and attention to detail necessary to deliver beautiful and long-lasting results. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is an umbrella term referring to various dental services that improve the appearance of your teeth, gums, and bite. Our Glendale cosmetic dentists can offer procedures that will work to enhance the sparkle of your smile while assisting the health and functionality of everyday activities like chewing and speaking. We tailor our treatments to the nuances of your smile so the results will be satisfying and natural-looking in the context of your oral structure.

Our Effective Cosmetic Options

Modern dental technology reaches new milestones every year, and cosmetic treatments are no exception. Our practice is equipped to deliver effective results that bring out the natural vibrancy and personality within your smile. Some of the cosmetic services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Dental Veneers: Veneers are dental prosthetics that improve the appearance and consistency of your smile. They are an effective solution to restoring chipped, gapped, or discolored teeth. Our practice features CEREC® technology, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. As the name states, our veneers are crafted from strong ceramic material. They are designed, crafted, and installed using computer-assisted technology as you sit chairside. Your veneers are delivered by the end of your visit on the same day. If one of your primary front teeth requires a veneer covering or you need a more detailed level of customization, we can refer you to an outside, trusted lab that specializes in more complex cases. Our team can take digital models or diagnostic wax-ups of your oral structure and send them to the local lab for a more refined customization process and creation.
  • Teeth Whitening: We offer efficient teeth whitening services, including both in-office treatment and customized take-home trays. Our teeth-whitening treatment will remove years of stains left behind by pigmented foods and drinks. Your plastic teeth whitening trays are designed to sit comfortably and securely onto your teeth for optimal results. Additionally, we offer Zoom teeth whitening treatment, which is a swift and convenient in-office procedure using hydrogen peroxide and an LED light to penetrate the teeth and break up the stains and discoloration, leaving you with a bright smile. If you'd like to simply purchase teeth-whitening at-home trays, strips, and gel for your own use, we can provide these products at our office.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Glendale FAQs

Cosmetic dentistry is a broad term, and we are happy to answer any questions you have regarding the procedures, materials we use, and aftercare tips upon your arrival at our office. Some of the questions we frequently get asked regarding cosmetic dental services include:

Are there any side effects to teeth whitening?

Customized teeth-whitening trays fit securely onto your teeth to keep the bleaching gel from touching your gums or lips. Otherwise, teeth whitening treatment has no side effects aside from possible mild tooth sensitivity for a few days following treatment.

Teeth begin to change color with age as the enamel wears down and takes on a duller appearance. Additionally, heavy smoking, frequent consumption of beverages like coffee and tea, and even certain medications can cause your teeth to lose their white shine.

With the proper care instructed by our dentists, your CEREC porcelain veneers should last 7-15 years on average. This depends on your level of maintenance and regular scheduling of dental checkups from our skilled team.

Trusted Glendale Cosmetic Dentists

At the practice of John S, Asano, DDS, we will provide quality cosmetic procedures so you can flash your smile with the natural enthusiasm and confidence you deserve. Our skilled cosmetic dentists and trusted staff are backed by advanced in-house technology, working to deliver efficient and satisfying results that will leave you with a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family into our friendly dental practice, where we treat you with respect and always give you our undivided attention. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for cosmetic dentistry in Glendale!


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