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Losing a tooth doesn’t have to be a tragedy. After all, with the existing advances in oral care procedures that are available today, most patients have a great opportunity to replace that missing tooth easily. In fact, dental implants have become more popular over the years as patients discover just how great they look.

Why our Glendale patients consider Dental Implants:

When you have a missing tooth, your oral health can suffer as your teeth shift and infection becomes more likely. A missing tooth also leaves the jawbone open to weakening as there is no tooth root keeping it strong. A weakened jawbone can leaves a sagging facial appearance. Replacing that missing tooth can help to maintain your existing oral health, while also preserving your smile and your facial appearance. Plus, getting a dental implant can help to keep your gums healthy so you can avoid periodontal disease more readily.

Dental implants are safe and the procedure is relatively painless. Since the post is made from titanium, it doesn’t irritate the gums and the body doesn’t reject it. In fact, titanium has been used in hip replacement treatments for many years.

Dental implant procedures do not affect other teeth negatively in the way that a dental bridge does. A tooth implant looks like one of your real teeth. It can be matched to the coloring of your existing teeth, at least the ones that are located near the site where it is to be placed.

Dental Implant Replacement

Unfortunately, dental crowns, including the ones used for implants, can sometimes become damaged, resulting in the need for replacement. Let’s face it; if you can destroy one of your natural teeth, it only stands to reason that your dental crown might suffer the same fate.

Typically, this takes years to happen, and some patients might not ever have this issue. However, if you have a dental implant in Glendale that is badly chipped, cracked, or damaged in some other way, Dr. Asano can assist you in getting a proper replacement with a minimal amount of time. All the hard work has already been done, so why not restore your smile and bite with a brand new dental crown for your existing implant post and abutment?

Implant-Supported Dentures Enhance Your Life

Did you know that you no longer have to put up with dentures that slip and slide all over the place anymore? It’s true – with the advanced technology offered by implants, your Glendale implant dentist can secure your dentures in place, stabilizing them with only four implants and preventing them from clicking and clacking ever again!

Mini-Dental Implant Supported Dentures

When you are missing only a few teeth in your mouth, you have the opportunity to obtain a set of partial upper or partial lower dentures. Rather than putting up with the unpleasantness of denture paste and the changes in your taste sensation that often occurs with a set of traditional partial dentures, why not consider a set of Mini-dental implant supported partials? Advances in dental technology have made it possible to choose a non-removable, fixed version as well as a removable version of what is known as overdentures. Both styles make it possible for you to enjoy your dentures without worrying over slippage or noise.

If you would like more information on getting dental implants in Glendale, please contact our office today!

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