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Gum disease is a widespread and serious health problem affecting countless individuals across the globe. Without the proper treatment, it can cause pain, tooth loss, and many other complications. At the practice of John S. Asano, DDS, we will help you take a proactive approach to your oral health and well-being rather than a reactive one. Our dental clinic provides experienced and personalized gum disease treatments, working to eradicate your periodontal issues and protect your oral health.

Our office in Glendale is equipped with modern dental technology, providing effective treatment for our local residents, young and old. We believe one of the most prominent advantages in the war against gum disease is education. Our dentists are devoted to educating patients properly about the nuances of oral care so you can remain healthy in between dental visits. We are dedicated to helping you enjoy a lifetime of bright smiles, free from the painful and uncomfortable restraints of periodontal disease. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


What Is Gum Disease and How Is It Diagnosed?

Periodontal disease, also referred to as gum disease, is a serious infection that damages the soft tissue around the teeth. Without proper treatment, the bones supporting your teeth can deteriorate, causing teeth to become loose and fall out. Periodontal disease also allows bacteria to enter the bloodstream, where it will spread throughout the body and wreak havoc on your immune system and overall health. Our skilled and knowledgeable dentists will work to prevent the disease from progressing by keeping it under control.

When your body's immune system reacts to toxins found in plaque, the gums become inflamed. During our thorough dental exams, we inspect problem areas where gums are irritated, red, or appear to be pulling away from your teeth. Our dentists will use special tools to measure any gaps or spaces between your teeth, assessing the depth of the pockets. This helps us to determine which type of periodontal disease you have, aiding us in developing a strategic and effective treatment plan.

Gum Disease Prevention & Tracking

Due to the complexity of gum disease, we adamantly stress prevention equally to treatment. Gum disease affects patients of all ages, and our team will communicate the proper information and prevention tips to every individual who walks through our doors. We aim to assist you and your loved ones in achieving a future with a brighter, healthier smile. Our dentists will take the time to listen and understand your concerns, working to restore comfort and function as soon as possible.

Our focused team will examine your medical history in detail, considering various factors from genetics to medications. We will begin arranging a gum chart for you, updated once every year. This helps us to measure and track your progress, allowing us to notice anything abnormal should it arise.

Focused Prevention Strategies for Gum Disease

A thorough dental cleaning can often provide the most effective treatment for various types of gum disease, such as gingivitis and earlier stages of periodontitis. We offer preventive measures to help defend your oral health against the harm of infection and disease, which include:

  • Scaling and Root Planing: This procedure involves our dentists carefully removing tartar from the surface of your teeth, above and below the gum line. Our cleanings will smooth the surface of your tooth roots, helping your gums reattach and preventing reinfection. Scaling and root planing is a minimally invasive process that promotes gum health and strong dental foundations.
  • Regular Maintenance: If you're suffering from oral discomfort and our dentists have diagnosed the issue as moderate gum disease, regularly scheduled cleanings alongside scaling and root planing procedures could be needed to sustain your dental health for the long term. Additionally, we can offer nutritional advice and proper training in hygiene techniques to facilitate continual improvement.

Aftercare for Gum Disease

After we've performed our treatments and you're no longer showing immediate signs of infection, your gums will need time to heal. Relapse is common with many patients once the condition has advanced beyond gingivitis, and our dental team will recommend maintenance cleanings every three months. When you schedule more frequent cleanings with our skilled dentists, it dramatically decreases your chances of the infection returning or worsening. We implore you to continue practicing good oral hygiene every day and limit risk factors such as smoking, drinking, and excessive sugar consumption when you can.

Comprehensive Glendale Gum Disease Treatments

At the dental practice of John S. Asano, DDS, we believe your secret weapon in the fight against gum disease is knowledge and a proactive mindset. If you're beginning to notice gum issues, don't put off reaching out for help. Our seasoned dental team is available throughout the year to assist with your needs, whether you'd like a checkup or require immediate solutions.

Our skilled and passionate dentists will employ comprehensive exams, effective treatments, and seasoned advice designed to help you stay disease and infection-free for the foreseeable future. Contact us today and schedule an appointment!


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